Glimpses of BCCP’s activities in International Social and Behavior Change Communication Summit

The 2018 SBCC Summit was officially inaugurated with enthusiasm, optimism and five strikes of a celebratory gong on 16 th of April, 2018. A very warm welcome made our week filled with inspiration, learning, challenging conversations, fun, and insights that helped us collectively to take our work forward into the future.
The main themes of the Summit are Shifting Norms, Changing Behaviors and Amplifying Voice. There was an emphasis on all development issues.
In the future, we all will have a critical and potentially transformational role in addressing issues ranging from - climate change to access to justice, maternal and child health to violence and discrimination and many other challenges that we face globally. Changes in social structure and human behavior cannot be influenced by chance. These must be approached in an evidence-based, strategic way by using the best that science and the wisdom of practitioners have to offer. Hence the significance of the SBCC Summit. 
BCCP holds a prestigious presence in the sponsor's list of the International SBCC Summit 2018, also BCCP has employed an opportunity to showcase organizational priorities, approaches, and experience through a booth and poster presentation. Many of the SBCC professionals appreciated BCCP’s effort to address multiple issues. 

The Director & CEO of BCCP, Mr. Mohammad Shahjahan, and Sr. Deputy Director, Ms. Khadija Bilkis chaired two different sessions

in the summit. Besides, they have participated in a couple of meetings to highlight BCCP’s image in the global network of SBCC. 
Mr. Abu Hasib Mostafa Jamal, Program Manager of BCCP has taken the opportunity to present BCCP in front of global SBCC practitioners through the booth. 
The Summit concluded on April 20, 2018, with much excitement and a commitment to do even better in the future. There were so many wonderful examples of successful SBCC interventions presented during the five-day event, which drew more than 1,200 participants from 93 countries.
We are proud as a BCCP staff member to be a part of this event.