BCCP Honored with Century International Quality ERA Award

BCCP has won the Business Initiative Development (BID) Century International Quality ERA Award 2013 in the Gold category for its integrity, quality, innovation and leadership. The BID President and CEO, Jose E. Prieto handed over the award to Mr Mohammad Shahjahan, A Director & CEO of BCCP in the presence of leaders and representatives from 57 countries at the Century International Quality ERA Convention in Geneva on 10 March 2013.

The official statement mentioned that BCCP was named a winner of the 2013 BID Century International Quality ERA Award due to excellence and innovation in its practices and putting quality first at all levels of the organization. Also, Mr Shahjahan has also been designated an honorary member of the 'CQE' Award with the rights to nominate and vote for future award recipients. The March 2013 issue of GPerson magazine published a cover story featuring BCCP's winning of CQE Award.

The leaders, who clearly demonstrate creativity and leadership in their respective sectors, are awarded through the BID community.

The award declaration cited that BCCP received the award, "also for their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, key concepts of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Seeking to increase customer satisfaction and optimize efficiency, the model promotes an organizational culture of engagement and a proactive approach to improving processes... BCCP's spirit of innovation and positive growth has overcome and indeed thrived in the current global economic climate."

BCCP won Global Media Award

BCCP was honored with the 25th Global Media Award for the Best Combined Media Effort for its excellent work in the field of Adolescent Reproduction Health. A The Population Institute (PI), an international, education, non-profit organization that seeks to attain a world population in balance with a healthy global environment, presented the prestigious award to BCCP.

The award was presented on December 5, 2004 at the Rabat Hilton Hotel in Morocco. The Moroccan ministers of health, communications and social welfare joined the board of directors of the Population Institute in the award ceremony.

The Global Media Awards are awarded in 15 categories each year to countries for showing exemplary performance in achieving controlled population growth, poverty reduction and gender equality.

This year the award of Best Combined Media Effort was given to BCCP for its meritorious work on the Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) multi-media comprehensive package Nijeke Jano or Know Yourself. Through extensive research and involvement of adolescents, parents, teachers and community members, the Know Yourself package now has a toolkit.

Based on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, the PI is an accredited member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. A voluntary, international board of directors governs the institute. Their works advances education and uses vigorous campaigning to bring about social change through the design and implementation of unique and innovative signature programs that inform and educate the public and the leaders about the necessity of achieving a more equitable balance between the world's population, resources and environment.