What we do

What we do

We design, implement monitor communication programs and evaluate their impact for different social development sectors using global and national partnerships. Our programs are coordinated to support national policies and program strategies, which promote result- oriented multi-sectoral collaboration and efficiency of scaling up sustainable behavior change.

We are supporting initiatives of the Government of Bangladesh, NGOs, public and private sector agencies for creating awareness, increasing knowledge, building capacity and influencing behavior.

Our Technical Expertise extends over in four major areas

  • Strategic communication programming
  • Knowledge management
  • Capacity strengthening
  • Communication research, monitoring & evaluation.

Area of Activities

Although BCCP started working with a particular focus on Public Health, especially on family planning, reproductive health and urban health. BCCP gradually started working in diversified sectors such as

  • Climate change
  • Democracy and good governance
  • Public procurement reform
  • Food security
  • Education
  • Anti-trafficking & anti-terrorism
  • Agriculture
  • Local government and other areas within the development sector.