Emergency responses for Rohingya Community:

Raising Awareness for Responsible Use of Infrastructure Services will increase beneficiary involvement

Upazila Engineer, LGED, Ramu, Cox’s Bazar

Ramu, August 1, 2023: - A dialogue event to increase coordination with Upazila based stakeholders organized by the Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs (BCCP) was held in the Ramu Upazila Conference Hall. This event, a symphony of Upazila stakeholders, echoed with the purpose of the necessity of Communication and Awareness Services (CAS) provided by BCCP; focused on the Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project (EMCRP) implemented by the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Cox’s Bazar, supported by the World Bank.

The event was chaired by Mr. Monzur Hasan Bhuyan, the Upazila Engineer of LGED Ramu. While Ms. Fahmida  Mostafa, UNO Ramu was Chief Guest. Mr. Abu Hasib Mostufa Jamal, Senior Deputy Director of BCCP and Team Leader-CAS for EMCRP, graced the occasion as a special guest and inaugurated the event. He affirmed, "BCCP is here to reinforce EMCRP-LGED's communication strategy and raise awareness among Foursefuly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) and the host community regarding prudent usage of service facilities”. Mr. Monzur Hasan Bhuyan, the Upazila Engineer of LGED highlighted the infrastructural advancements of EMCRP in Ramu Upazila. He urged the necessity of strengthening awareness activities for the responsible utilization of infrastructure service facilities provided by EMCRP, LGED. In this event Mr. Ridoanur Rahman, Deputy Team Leader, CAS for EMCRP, LGED presented a keynote paper on the communication activities. 

Distinguished guests included Mr. Kamal Shamsuddin Ahamed, Chairman of Jouarianala Union Parishad; Mr. Mofizur Rahaman, Chairman of Razarkol Union Parishad; Mr. Al Gulib, Upazila Social Service Officer; Ms. Umme Suraya Amin, Upazila Women Affairs Officer; Md. Nur A Alom Mazumdar, Upazila Youth Development Officer; Md. Shahabuddin, Program Manager at BCCP; and Mr. Shouab Sayed, General Secretary of Ramu Press Club and others.

Mr. Kamal Shamsuddin Ahamed, Chairman of Jouarianala UP, stressed, "Our community should understand the importance of utilizing government services. Particularly during cyclones, raising awareness becomes crucial as vulnerable individuals hesitate to seek shelter. We express gratitude to BCCP for their efforts to aware the community people regarding this”. Mr. Al Gulib, the Upazila Social Service Officer, emphasized, "Community well-being hinges on social awareness. All stakeholders should come together in support of BCCP's project implementation." Ms. Umme Suraya Amin, Upazila Women Affairs Officer, highlighted the effectiveness of courtyard meeting in fostering awareness among remote communities.

The Chief Guest hopes to see an effective awareness program in Ramu. The deliberations culminated in a unanimous resolution - the implementation of Communication and Awareness Services (CAS) and related programs within the local sphere. Regular awareness programs remain the basis of enlightening the local populace; no alternative route exists to kindle this vital awareness.

There were some news publications in local newspapers as below:

রামুতে ইএমসিআরপি প্রকল্পের স্টেকহোল্ডারদের নিয়ে বিসিসিপি’র সমন্বয় সভা অনুষ্ঠিত – Alokito Pahar