Inspiring Youths to Lead the Future

The Bangladesh Private University Student Leadership Development Workshops ended successfully in Dhaka in September 2014. The success of this program is evident in the many enthusiastic undertakings by the students of the three selected private universities East West University (EWU), North South University (NSU), and University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) who were exposed to this program. All the youth of our society need is a little nudge in the right direction. And this was accomplished by the series of workshops covering themes like Youth Role in Civic and Community Development, Interfaith Dialogue, Public Speaking and Debate, International Relations, Social Media and Career Building and also Contemporary Social Issues.
The blend of young minds and experience during facilitation brought insight into the topics and active participation of the students made the workshops lively. Through interaction during group work the students were able to express their thoughts on the topics and make presentations. In the process they were provided with life skills essential for decision-making, problem solving, creative thinking, communication, self awareness and even coping with stress and emotion. Each student received a completion certificate by the VC or the representative of the VC of the respective universities. The university authorities owned the program so much so that they extended their assistance in every possible way and appreciated BCCP for undertaking such a timely initiative. The workshops were followed by seminars where the top ten student leaders of each university were awarded with a badge. Based on their learning, these students made presentations.
But their learning was more pronounced in the actions they took following the workshops. A student brought conjoined twin girls born in Kustia and abandoned by their parents to Dhaka for treatment and even tried to get a sponsor to send the babies to Australia. Some students have carried out Interfaith Dialogue with their friends, family and neighbors thereby promoting peace in society. They have even made new friends from other religion. Some have utilized their leisure to educate street children. Others have saved money to provide Iftar during Ramadan and clothes during Eid for the poor. Some have been involved in tree plantation in their locality. Some raised awareness on the negative effects of formalin in food items. They further pledged to do more from their own social standing. Guests at the seminars including religious leaders, youth representatives, business community representatives and selected government agencies committed to support these youths in their new ventures.
The program created a network and assisted in the exchange of ideas among the participating students. A knowledge management database helps maintain contact between the students.