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BCCP Capacity building

Capacity building is one of the four building blocks of BCCP. BCCP planned to mobilize more resources enhancing staff’s professional and leadership skills on one hand and developing the next generation of communication professionals on the other. Although staff capacity development is an ongoing activity of BCCP, who are widely regarded as a learning organization, this activity will be carried in a more systematic and planned manner. Staff capacity is enhanced via formal and informal trainings, workshops, orientations, and hands-on mentoring.

BCCP is also strengthening its efforts to provide training and technical assistance to other organizations. Besides organizing its annual Advances in Strategic Communication Workshop BCCP’s expertise in Leadership and Coordination training, IPC and Psychosocial Counselling Training, Life Skill Training Message Design Workshop have been well regarded in Bangladesh’s strategic Communication field. Other project-based training, workshops and promoting existing eToolkit eLearning courses to institutionalize Knowledge Management has also been regarded as BCCP initiatives to develop skilled communication professionals who can make a difference.

In addition, providing of capacity building technical assistance (TA) has been BCCP’s mandate historically. We are a recognized leader in this field and have been awarded with this task several times to strengthen the capacity of Government, INGO and NGO officials under different ministries. BCCP’s capacity strengthening TA have been extended to overseas and worked in regional and international arena. We want to consolidate these efforts within an institutionalized form to strengthen BCCP’s image as a learning organization.