A new horizon opened up with initiation of “Bangladesh Socio Behavioral Survey on HPN


It has become an epoch-making initiative and a new horizon have been opened up with the initiation of “Bangladesh Socio Behavioral Survey on Health, Population and Nutrition. This initiation has been generated with the holding of a 2-day long workshop held in a hotel in Cox’s bazar on 27-28 August 2022.

A varied level of decision makers, social scientist, demographer, health statistician, program designers & implementors and development partners took part in this workshop to provide program inputs, formation of research structures and decision making over the conduction of the survey has formally created the path of bringing two-year’s effort of Ujjiban-BCCP team in to a reality.


In his inaugural speech Mr. Mohammad Shahjahan, DG-NIPORT underscored the importance of SBCC in HPN program implementation and he termed this proposed study as a great opportunity to know the behavior traits at the household levels and its impact on receipts of HPN services. Mr. Ahsanul Alam, Director (Research)-NIPORT remarked as Chairperson of this session that this survey will add to the Bangladesh’s demographic scenario of the HPN fields in addition to the BDHS. He thanked Ujjiban for their initiatives and pursuance with this effort to bring up to this stage of the successes. He also thanked UNFPA for their financial support in this initiative to continue the effort.

The workshop went through working in groups in three key areas of the survey and make presentation of the group work in the plenary. Three key areas of group work are as below:


Group A: Survey Methodology, Sample Population, Sampling Frame Indicators and Variables
Group B: Data Collection Instrument (Quantitative)                                                                 

Group C: Data Collection Instrument (Qualitative)


The group work on the data collections instrument has recommended following seven key HPN service domains and four cross-cutting as:

Key HPN service domains

Cross-cutting issues

Family Planning

Maternal Health/ANC

Post-Natal Care


Essential New born Care

Child Health


Non-Communicable Disease Control

Child Marriage


Male Engagement

Media Exposure




The concluding session of workshop was attended by the Mr. Mohammad Shahjahan, DG-NIPORT and Dr. Ashrafi Ahmed, Additional Secretary, ME&FWD, MoHFW. The DG-NIPORT reiterated his prior plan to fund for this study from NIPORT budget and undertake immediate actions following this workshop to accomplish the whole gamut of the study within December 2022.