The National Steering Committee continues with policy support and coordination for HPN SBCC programs

HPN SBCC programs UjjibanThis committee met in its 3rd round of meeting on March 27, 2022 held in the MoHFW conference room. Presided over by the Chairperson of this committee Mr. Lokman Hossain Miah, Senior Secretary, HSD, MoHFW; this meeting among others was also attended by the Additional Secretaries from the HSD and ME&FWD, MoHFW, Joint Secretary, MoE and the Line Directors of IEM and NNS. The member-secretary of this committee Mr. M Jashimuddin Khan conducted the course of the meeting. 
Key decisions of the meeting are underlined as;
  • The progresses and the implementation status following the decisions of the 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee has been quite satisfactory.
  • A fresh sub-committee has been formed to review the ToR of the LGRD&C to work in the city corporation and municipal areas on HPN programs. Mr. Nitish Chandra Sarker, Additional Secretary, ME&FWD of the MoHFW have been made Convener of this 5-member committee.
  • The Annual HPN SBCC Monitoring Report 2019-2020 and its publication has been approved.