Advances in Strategic Communication Workshop Started

BCCP’s 22nd Advances in Strategic Communication Workshop started on 26 February 2016 with Dr David Mould, Professor Emeritus of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University, USA as the Keynote Speaker.
Instead of any presentation, Professor Mould, who is also a former Director of Ohio’s Communication and Development Studies post-graduate program, conducted an interactive session taking the participants through six questions, which lead towards the Socio-ecological model of communication. 
Around 20 communication professionals from different NGOs and private organizations have joined this 2-week workshop.
BCCP organizes this workshop every year to promote more effective, state-of-the-art communication programs via enhancing the capacity of the program planners, designers and implementers. The workshop is designed for senior to mid-level program managers and concerned professionals especially whose programs include information, education and communication components to enhance understanding, knowledge and skills in Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC).
The workshop is modeled after the annual Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop, which is conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), Baltimore, USA. The workshop explores the essential elements of successful communication in the context of social development programs. The workshop has proven critically important in making a positive change in the communication behavior of professionals concerned with implementation, management and supervision of BCC activities. Advances workshop is an exclusive opportunity in Bangladesh for working professionals to receive comprehensive training on SBCC.
The highly participatory approach of the workshop helps participants develop effective advocacy, social mobilization and program communication strategies, while strengthening their ability to implement dynamic communication programs.