Health and Family Planning programs require adapting SBCC as their mainstream program intervention

An active and widespread participation marked the 5th meeting of the National Committee on HPN SBCC Strategy Implementation and Monitoring was held on August 08, 2022 in the conference room of the MoHFW. As part of Ujjiban activities the BCCP team facilitated organizing this workshop that was participated by 17 members of this committee in which BCCP had a duel participation through Ujjiban as partner organization and BCCP by virtue of their organizational membership.

Senior officials of the ministries and the directorates include; Joint Secretary, LGD of the MoLGRD; Joint Secretary, ME&FWD, MoHFW; Director-IEM, Director-MCH, Line Director-NNS, Line Director-IEC, Chief-HEB, DPM-EPI, DPM-CCSDP and TSE-HSD, MoHFW.  Mr. M Jashimuddin Khan, DS, PH-2, HSD of the MoHFW hosted the meeting while Mr. Syed Mojibul Huq, Additional Secretary, HSD of MoHFW presided over the meeting.

The active participation of attendee members contributed to come-up with following key decisions include:

  • Inter-OP coordination requires putting further emphasis to optimize resource utilization. 

  • Timely submission and approval of the SBCC materials by the HPN units to be made within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Activation of HPN SBCC committees at district and upazila level is the demand of time requires follow on by the Directorates/units.

  • The IEM and L&HEP unit require expediating implementation/conduction of the Leadership and Coordination training and to report to the next meeting of this committee about the progresses.

  • Implementation of SHPNE package is going well with the DGFP/IEM unit while there were no progresses with the DGHS/HEB units. Requests made to them that they would report about the progresses in the next meeting of this committee.

The Chairperson of the meeting pointed out few important considerations to get self-absorbed and bring its reflection in our program implementation. His key points include;

  • As GoB’s activity implementation system has been changed that require momentum and dynamism in program implementation.

  • Our SBCC material require adopting modern technology to acquire extended audience attention.

  • As a larger number of audiences is now accessing to social media we should emphasize message/material dissemination using this media platform.

He concluded the meeting remarking that “SBCC has to be considered as steering wheel for program promotion and health & family planning programs require adapting SBCC as their mainstream program intervention”.