An Engrossing Workshop on SBCC Capacity Strengthening Plan

The workshop on SBCC Capacity Strengthening Plan for the HPN implementation units under the DGHS and DGFP was held on September 05-06, 2018 in the BCDM, Savar. The objective of the workshop was to review the findings of the Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) exercise, share key achievements and upcoming unit based SBCC activity planning with required technical support from the Ujjiban.
This 2-day workshop was participated by a total of 21 unit officials represents IEM, MCH, FSD and MIS units of DGFP while the BHE, NTP and IPHN represents the DGHS. Dr. Zeenat Sultana, Deputy Chief of Party, Ujjiban initiated the process of the workshop by highlighting following four key Ujjiban moves towards the SBCC Capacity and System Strengthening for the units under DGHS and DGFP. 
  • The ICT and Knowledge Management process is further being extended at the field level
  • BCCWG is in work and profusely contributing towards sharing and coordinating of SBCC interventions
  • HPN SBCC Coordination Committee brought as mainstream issue under the GO and expanded to District and Upazila level in addition to the unit level
  • Online submission of the SBCC materials is uploaded for common use by the program managers and stakeholders.
The workshop then went through unit wise findings on CAT and key achievements. The CAT assessment found that the overall capacity has been improved compared to last year while there is still room for further improvements. 
After having this part of the workshop, the participant went for group work by units to develop upcoming unit based SBCC activity planning with required technical support from the Ujjiban. The Ujjiban SCS’s and other CSS team members sat with certain units to provide required TA to work for the rest of the day of the first day of the workshop up to the morning of the second day. 

Most of the second day went through unit wise presentation on the upcoming SBCC activity planning with required technical support from the Ujjiban.  This vital session was attended by the Director-IEM Ms. Ashrafunnessa and Chief of Party, Ujjiban Mr. Patrick Coleman as guests of honor. The presentations were followed by plenary discussions over the comments of the participants, guests and the facilitators of the workshop.  The workshop was an interactive one that helped unit officials in tuning up their respective activities to get better results.
In her concluding remarks, the Director-IEM underscored the coordinated effort in the SBCC fields to get a synergistic impact. She specially thanked Ujjiban for their continuous support in SBCC Capacity and System Strengthening. The CoP Ujjiban emphasized on quality of care as the most vital issue in the health system and mentioned that one of the major aspects of it is to maintain effective relationship between the community and the service providers.