Climate Change

BCCP continues to make its contribution for a climate resilience society

A relentless effort towards for creating an informed and enlightened society, BCCP will now work for planning, developing and implementation of a training program under the "Climate Informed Hospital Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan" for the health sector professional. This plan aims to ensure the continuity of essential services, coordinated hospital operations, clear communication, adaptation to increased demands, efficient use of scarce resources, and a safe environment for healthcare workers.

Under a WHO contract this program intervention have been planned to develop a manual and provide training to the medical doctors and hospital-based service providers toextend health services and support for health service seekers affected by climate change hazards.

As part of work progress an inception meeting between WHO and BCCP was held on May 31, 2023 at WHO Bangladesh HQ to plan out the step-wise implementation of the manual development and the training program. The meeting set out key milestones in course of the development and implementation of the training program as;

  • Formation of a Technical Working Group
  • The training manual will be in the form of ToT which is to be followed on by the cascaded model of training
  • ToT is to be provided at the divisional level
  • The time frame for training manual development and ToT will be from May’23 to October’23.

It is expected that this training will create climate responsive service providers at the health service delivery sites and also profoundly create a base of health service provision for the people who are affected by the climate change hazards.