Mainstreaming eToolkit and eLearning course through GoB training system: Ujjiban


The SBCC eToolkit and eLearning course is getting underway in its use at the field level by the FWAs is brought under mainstream training program to provide through NIPORT. Both of the eToolkit and eLearning course have been introduced in the NIPORT’s training curriculum and necessary ToT for the NIPORT faculties is now being conducted in phases to hold at NIPORT and FWVTIs. Mainstreaming of the eToolkit and eLearning course is being facilitated by USAID-Ujjiban SBCC project as part of their technical assistance for Capacity and System Strengthening.
A total of three such batches of training has been completed. There were 39 participants from the groups of the Principal, Lecturer, Home Economist, Trainer and Field Trainers of the FWVTIs including some program officials. These ToTs were held at the NIPORT, FWVTI-Comilla and FWVTI-Sylhet while Ujjiban is now planning to conduct training for rest of the batches.

In order to mainstream this eToolkit and eLearning course; it has been introduced in the NIPORT curriculum to train field level FWV, FWA, FPI of DGFP and HA and HI of the DGHS. As the trainee participant in turn will provide training to these field level service providers, it is expected that there will be qualitative and significant improvements in the counseling for the service recipient and service providers knowledge management. It is also envisaged that these improvements will contribute to the overall health service system of the country’s health program.