Success Stories

Achieving Sustainability through Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is the purposeful use of communication tools, techniques and approaches to achieve the vision and mission of an organization or a program. Strategic communication is not ad-hoc communication, however, but relies on continuous research and evaluation findings to effect social change.

BCCP has been applying this concept since its inception in communicating its vision and mission to empower people with the capacity to make a difference in their own lives and in the wider circle of the society and the region using both local and global partnerships. BCCP's multi-donor based cross-sectoral projects engaging information and communication technology (ICT) make it a leading development communication organization that has gained international reputation and extensive technical expertise.

Adding to its unique set of skills, state-of-the-art tools and a culture of innovation, BCCP has further evolved to include a Knowledge Management team that is working to establish a mechanism to accumulate, protect and share with others BCCP's expanding knowledge. A well-structured knowledge management system will communicate the organization's expertise and services to the broader community. The resourceful Media and Material Center and a photo bank expedites the process of documentation. Expanding work areas necessitated the Research Team to adopt new tools and develop new result-oriented approaches to address social issues aiming to fulfill the objectives of different projects.

BCCP continues to use the scientific "P-process" - a tested and proven communication project planning tool to design and implement its programs. Examples of strategic brand building and positioning can be cited in the Sabuj Chhata (Green Umbrella), EOC (Emergency Obstetric Care), Shurjer Hashi (Smiling Sun), Rainbow and Nijeke Jano (Know Thyself) brands that have brought about the desired effect and left a long-lasting impression on the minds of people. It is worth mentioning that the Communication Program for Reduction of Maternal Mortality popularized the EOC logo and the pictorial card on the five danger signs in pregnancy supported the Government and UNICEF's effort to curb maternal mortality in the country contributing greatly to MDG 5 to improve maternal health.

Relentless innovation in BCCP's media campaigns coupled with effective messages and materials aim to capture and retain the attention of the audience long enough to induce behavior change. The "Know Thyself" program directed at adolescents helped them acquire the psycho-social skills necessary to lead healthy, productive lives. Tools and techniques used in advocacy and community mobilization explore the varying needs of the people and the program, influence decisions and ensure public participation to establish a social support system that works like a well-oiled machine to achieve positive change on its own. The 'Jiggasha Approach', Future Search Conference, Orientation and the Life Skills Workshop are all models of successful participation.

The television drama serials Shabuj Shathi, Shabuj Chhaya, Eyi Megh Eyi Roudro, Enechi Shurjer Hashi and Gari Chole Na and the radio programs Jante Chai Janate Chai and Amra Shobai Jante Chai and the TV reality show Sarkari Kroy Bazaar are just a few examples of enter-educate approach pioneered by BCCP in the country. Also, magazine programs, sitcoms, cartoon series, comic books, folk music and dramas, and street theater mix education with entertainment in a subtle manner and help people rethink matters before taking action.

A growing skilled professional band, timely delivery of quality output, a modern yet cost-effective approach and the determination to meet multi-donor expectations are all at the heart of BCCP's image.