Success Stories

Raising Awareness on Tuberculosis

BCCP is now working in neighboring areas adjacent to its own premises in Mirpur under the TB CARE II Bangladesh Project. Operating in neighboring areas gives BCCP an added edge.

 Benu Begum lives with her three daughters in the Duari Para slum of Pallabi, Mirpur. When her eldest daughter contracted TB, she sent her off to her village, Bhola in fear of the stigma attached to such a disease. She was being treated in Bhola. When Peer Mariam visited the house, she noticed that the youngest daughter, Habiba looked sickly. While giving information about TB to the family, Mariam found out about the eldest child. Suspecting that Habiba might be infected too, she urged her mother to take the baby to the nearest Nagar Shastho Clinic but the mother was in denial. Days passed and the baby's health deteriorated. Through frequent visits Mariam was finally able to persuade the mother to take the baby to the clinic and the suspicion was confirmed. A dedicated peer and clinic staff successfully cured the baby of TB without any expense.

Shabana, aged 25, had TB but was not aware of it. She lives in the Begunbari slum of Gudaraghat, Mirpur. Peer Mukta seeks out suspected TB cases in the area. On visiting Shabana, Mukta advised her to take a cough test in the adjacent SH clinic and informed her that the test and following treatment were free. Convinced by her persuasion, Shabana took the test and found she had TB. Shabana is now fully recovered and very grateful to the peer and clinic staff for their support.