Field level rolling out of School Health, Population and Nutrition Education package got underway


The field level implementation of the School Health, Population and Nutrition Education (SHPNE) package have begun with the training of the Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officer (SACMO) under the field programs of Director General Family Planning. USAID-Ujjiban SBCC project has been providing the technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and its units throughout the process of development and validation of this package followed by the ToT of the master trainers.

As a unified, integrated and uniform package; the SHPNE has replaced all the prior School Health, Population and Nutrition Education curriculums as were prevailed in the GoB units and NGOs of the health, population and nutrition program. In addition, the field level implementation of this package will be made combinedly by the front-level supervisors of the DGHS and DGFP. An MoHFW circular for this integrated planning and implementation have been sent to the entire directorate and local levels officials.

In continuation of its technical assistance, the USAID-Ujjiban SBCC project is supporting the DGFP for two field level training programs for the SACMO’s. The first of this 2-day training have been commenced with the Moulvibazar district while the later one will be held for the Cox’s Bazar district.

The SACMO training for Moulvibazar district has begun today on June 13, 2022 in a local venue which have been participated by 24 attendees of whom 21 were SACMO and rest 3 were from the local NGOs. This training program have been formally inaugurated by the Deputy Director-Family Planning Mr. Md. Abdur Razzaque who was attending the event as Chief Guest. As HQ representative this inaugural session was also attended by Ms. Ishrat Jabeen as Special Guest.

A wide level of interest and enthusiasm were prevailed during the sessions of first day of the training program. The participants opined that this training will further enhance their skill to deliver uniform messages on integrated version of HPN issues and better-quality facilitation to conduct for the school level orientation. It is envisaged that sustained level of household knowledge on health, population and nutrition issues will be possible with the field level implementation of the SHPNE package.